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Who are hammer ebikes?
hammer-ebikes is the trading name of Hammer Engineering Ltd a UK based ebike manufacturer.

From its support facility based in Northampton, UK hammer_ebikes serves mainland  UK and Northern Ireland.

The company was  first conceived in 2013 when mechanical engineer and ebike enthusiast Ian Hammon created a 30mph ebike using quality electrical components sourced in the far east built onto a rugged hard tail mountain bike sourced in the UK. The result was faster and more robust than many  ebikes in its class and at an affordable price.
As a responsible UK ebike manufacturer we are happy to demonstrate our compliance with the latest EU directives please ask to see our Manufacturers Declaration of Conformity and Technical File demonstrating our compliance with the following standards:

2006 / 42 / EC         The Machinery Directive
2014 / 30 / EU         The EMC Directive
2014 / 35 / EU         The Low Voltage Directive

Meet The Team

Evette Wilson

Ian Hammon

Gary Taggart

Evette is our owner and is also the face of hammer ebikes. Marketing, web design and advertising are all in Evette's capable hands.
As hammer ebikes founding member, Ian is the first point of contact for sales and support enquiries.  He is a both an accomplished  mechanical engineer and an utterly obsessed ebike enthusiast! Ian typically rides over 100 miles per week on his own ebike making his experience invaluable.
Gary is our workshop manager and handles our product development. If there are new products available that can make our ebikes perform even better Gary is on the case!